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My love of diving brought about an awareness of the incredible complexity and beauty of the world beneath the oceans as well as a realisation of its rapid degradation. I have developed this jewellery collection, ‘Coralscape’, as a response.  Focusing on one of the smaller sea creatures, nudibranchs (sea slugs), I recreate their intense beauty, intricate patterns and vibrant colours in wearable jewellery. The nudibranchs can be worn as brooches or pendants.  When not being worn, the nudibranchs sit on their piece of coral, becoming a piece of art.  

The coral reef is made from clear blown glass.  Some of the glass is sandblasted, some filled with trapped bubbles.  The result, a ghostly transparent reef,  drawing attention to  the wide spread bleaching of the coral reefs as a result of  global warming.


My jewellery is made from glass and metal.  The simplicity of the metal is juxtaposed with delicate, brightly-coloured glass. I represent the essence of nudibranch forms by texturing the metal with hammer strokes and drill holes, before doming the metal.  The gills  are formed by placing glass into these perforated forms, allowing the glass to flow through the holes.